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Protect Penn Butte & Late Mungers

The Mungers Wildlands Complex is located in the Siskiyou Mountains, a highly diverse and particularly rugged portion of southwestern Oregon. Located south of Grants Pass, Oregon and visible from portions of the Rogue River Valley, the Illinois Valley and the Applegate Valley, the area is prominent, scenic, and accessible.

BLM is proposing two large timber sales in the Williams watershed affecting over 800 acres of late successional reserve consisting of trees up to 36 inches.

Mungers Butte Wildlands

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Our coalition is working to both protect the Mungers Wildlands and stop the Late Mungers Timber Sale.

PROTEST: BLM to log 8 million board feet of commercial thinning on 900 acres in the designated Late Mungers and Penn Butte timber sales

Dear BLM Managers,

These are the reasons we object to the Late Mungers and Penn Butte proposal:

  1. Little environmental review and public comment. 

  2. They are located in Late Successional Reserves (LSR), in the wild lands, with low wildfire threat to the Williams community. 

  3. LSRs are for the protection of habitat for old growth species such as the Northern Spotted Owl and Pacific fisher. Logging here will potentially destroy forest health and decrease the recovery of threatened and endangered species.

  4. Logging in these areas can destroy the ecosystems that make these areas attractive and frequented by the Williams community. These forest lands are valuable for their remoteness, wildness, large fire resistant trees, and wildlife.

  5. These forest lands support water for Munger Creek which supports a major salmon fish population of spawning and rearing coho and steelhead. This timber sale has the potential of decreasing the water supply in an already drought affected watershed.

  6. The logging proposal does not support the Executive Order on “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad” and the Biden Administration’s goal to protect 30 percent of lands and waters by 2030.

  7. This forest stores and holds an enormous supply of greenhouse gases of CO2. Commercial thinning emits about three times more CO2 than wildfire, and contributes to climate conditions of droughts and heavy rains.

Please withdraw this proposed timber sale for the health of our forest and community, and the issue of climate change.

Concerned citizens

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