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Protect Pipe Fork

Pipe Fork is a wonderful model of Old Growth Habitats in Southern Oregon. WCFP invites you to visit our Pipe Fork blog that chronicles the amazing efforts to conserve this legacy forest and cool clear waters for future generations. Learn More

Pipe Fork Creek flows from eternal springs on the east flank of Grayback Mountains down through canyon with tall Port Oxford cedar and White fir forests and feeds the salmon bearing streams of Williams Valley. The mist rises from the streem to nourish the ferns and trees that nestle on the banks and rock walls and keeps the ecosystems rich with life. Giant maples, alders, Pacific yew, oak, ash, and madrone mingle with the Incense cedars that thrive in this montane landscape. The stream pours over rock formations and forms a series of seven splendid waterfalls that tumble over the edges and scours pools below.

Yet, in the quiet alcoves along the falls, patches of rare ferns and leopard lilies sprout in spring to a splash of color surrounded by a thick wall of ferns fed by the cool misty air. The forest comes alive in its struggle to survive while tall Port Oxford cedar trees shade the land. Cool air and water flows downstreams and bathes the forest ecosystem that feeds the many lives of the Pipe Fork, a unique hidden place in the Klamath Siskiyou Region.

Designated an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Pipe Fork is also nominated for the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. With its rich variety of trees and undergrowth it stands out as a unique ecosystem in Southern Oregon. It is tucked away in a secluded valley supporting the survival of sensitive forest and rare wildlife that depend on the landscape for refuge. Rare Pacific fishers and martens, spotted owls, elk, bear, and many other animals live in the wild forests of the area. This area will be saved for the future thanks to the diligent work of the Williams Community to purchase and conserve the land of its clean water that feeds the salmon bearing streams and lays in wait for the generations to come.

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Letters to our Senator are important to demonstrate your concerns. Use the form below to sign your petition and have it emailed directly to the Natural Resources Director for U.S. Senator Ron Wyden.

Pipe Fork Petition

Dear Mr. McGeary,

I am writing to strongly encourage you to choose the Pipe Fork Creek in Williams Oregon, for a Wild and Scenic Rivers designation.

The heavily forested area surrounding the creek is a rare environment containing the easternmost population of Port Orford cedar in Oregon, in addition to late successional forest habitat, rare native plants, and lush riparian zones. The pristine water quality provides vital habitat for spawning and rearing salmon and trout. Rare wildlife inhabits the forest including Pacific fisher, martens and spotted owls, along with the presence of bears, elk, mountain lions, and others that rely on the creek for water and a vital corridor through the area.

The community of Williams depends on the waters of the Pipe Fork. It is a main tributary to the East Fork of Williams Creek, upon which many people use for their water needs. 

A Wild and Scenic Rivers Act designation is imperative to help secure the protection of this great forest and vital source of water in Southern Oregon.  Thank you for your consideration, and for your good work helping to protect water, for future generations.


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149 signatures

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OR you can download the letter and send it by email. 

Download Pipe Fork Petition Letter to Malcolm McGreary

The email address for the Natural Resources Director for U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is:

Also, take a walk in the fresh air that the trees provide to keep your immune system strong.