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Board Members

Cheryl Bruner, Secretary

I have a lifelong love of nature and goal of fostering an environment where the forests and the community take care of each other. I grew up in Oregon and spent most of my childhood in the outdoors exploring the creeks and forests. After retiring from 50 years in the medical field I spend as much time as possible hiking in Williams and the Sierra Crest with friends, talking to my plants in the garden and protecting the forests.

Zeke Oman, Treasurer

In 1968 and again in 1978, I enrolled at Humboldt State University in the forestry program. Somehow I ended up graduating in Business Administration and went to work for Price Waterhouse in their Sacramento, California office. And now, full circle after retirement, I have the privilege of serving on the board of a community forest project.

After obtaining my CPA certification, I left public accounting to manage Clos du Bois Wines in Healdsburg and then the Napa Valley Cooperative Winery in St. Helena. Then, intrigued by an opportunity to work internationally, I consulted for 5 years for the environment department of the the International Finance Corporation, a branch of the World Bank focused on private enterprise. There I was privileged to work on a biodiversity finance initiative with a mission to invest in businesses that inherently enhanced their local biodiversity and traveled extensively to potential project investment locations around the world. The last 10 years before retirement, I served as the finance manager for two different international non profit organizations in Geneva, Switzerland; the first worked on trade and sustainable development issues on behalf of developing countries; the second focused on nutrition in developing countries.

Greg Stanko, President

I have been fortunate to be able to live and grow in the beautiful state of Oregon since 1981. My wife and I moved to the Williams Valley in 2012 and tend an organic garden, raise sheep and chickens with the help of our LGD, Puja. One of my favorite projects has been working with WCFP members and other volunteers helping to maintain and restore the Layton Ditch Trail. I enjoy staying current on the events that directly affect our precious watershed and giving a voice to protect it.

Chas Rogers

I was raised in a small town near Santa Barbara where I enjoyed the outdoors and camping in the hills and beaches. I attended the University of California and earned a degree in Geology and worked for several years as a geologist. While traveling around the US, I ended up in Oregon seeking the wild forests and mountains and then moved to Williams 35 years ago to develop a rural homestead and plant a home garden. I was fortunate to attend the University of Oregon where I completed a Master’s Degree in Geology then taught Geology at RCC for 20 years as well as worked for the Williams Creek Watershed Council as Project Manager of our watershed restoration program.

I joined the Forest Project Board to help with a group to tackle upland forest issues and work to save some of the wild forests of our area. My experience is in geologic mapping, hydrogeology, and grant development as well as in developing many on the ground projects for salmon habitat and stream bank stabilization. I am hoping to be of service in helping develop a stable forest watch program to preserve the quality of our landscapes in Williams and see and experience more of our wild mountain home.

Janis Bogdanovich

I’ve lived in Williams since 1992, when I moved here from Santa Cruz, Ca. I just love my community. I also love the surrounding forest, mountains, creeks and rivers that are so important to the area. The interconnection between this small area and the larger ecosystem around us is amazing.

I go walking and hiking a lot with my dog – enjoying the beautiful place we live in. It’s good for all of us! I retired a few years ago, so I have more time for hiking. I also volunteer a lot, so I try to do it all.

I have a brother in Santa Cruz who is building a 38 ft. boat. My daughter lives in Seattle and I see her several times a year, which is wonderful.

Kelli Rua Klein

I went on my first backpacking trip with my father when I was 10 years old to the great Wind River Range in Wyoming back in the 1970s. That was when I first saw the Milky Way and learned about altitude, tree lines, and bells for bears. Over the last 25 years I have held a variety of design, operational, and managerial positions supporting global and local brand marketing teams, software teams, nonprofits, and startups. I have always seen the forest as my church, and have gone on countless hikes and backpacking trips from Alaska to the jungles in Costa Rica. I have been visiting Williams for over the past 12 years, and in 2020 I made the decision to move here and buy land. I currently steward 34 acres of forest that backs up to BLM land at the base of Sugarloaf. 

I wish to be of service to the community and this land through the Williams Forest Community Project so that we can expand awareness, share the stories of the forest, and grow our seasonal communications to all of the community that lives in this rare and priceless place we call home. 

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