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Board Members

Janis Bogdanovich, President

I’ve lived in Williams since 1992, when I moved here from Santa Cruz, California. I just love my community. I also love the surrounding forest, mountains, creeks and rivers that are so important to the area. The interconnection between this small area and the larger ecosystem around us is amazing.

I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. The dogs and I go walking and hiking a lot – enjoying the beautiful place we live in. It’s good for all of us! I retired a few years ago, so I have more time for hiking. I also volunteer a lot, so I try to do it all.

I have a brother in Santa Cruz who is building a 38-foot boat. My daughter lives in Seattle and I see her several times a year, which is wonderful.

Cheryl Bruner, Secretary

I have a lifelong love of nature and goal of fostering an environment where the forests and the community take care of each other. I’m actively involved with the Williams Community Forest Project promoting ecological forest management. I’m employed full-time as a Registered Nurse and, with my partner Jim, own an organic farm. In addition to my involvement with WCFP, I’m on the Board of Directors for the Williams Creek Watershed Council.

Greg Stanko

I managed to survive the “concrete” jungle of Baltimore, growing up all the while realizing I was somehow seriously misplaced and needed to find where my “home” actually was. Scouting was the only thing that helped maintain my sanity. I came to realize very quickly that camping, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, sitting around a campfire and being outdoors in general “recharged” my batteries. I began my medical career in the USAF in 1975 and have been involved in medicine ever since then, taking time to “recharge” whenever possible. My favorite recharge was spending time hiking in Nepal in the Himal. Photography has been my other passion and I try to rarely be without my camera. When I finally moved to Oregon in 1981, I KNEW, without a doubt, I was finally where I was meant to be and this has been my home ever since. Kate and I moved to Williams after a long hard search to be with like-minded folks in 2012. We currently have a small lavender farm and maintain a small herd of sheep and chickens with the help of our two canine helpers, Kona and Marley. Thanks to Janice and Cheryl, I am becoming more familiar with our surroundings and am thrilled to be a part of WCFP.

Tyanna Smith

I am originally from the Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington but have called Oregon my home since 2001. I grew up always being outside and doing outdoor activities. I studied environmental science and biology in college to specialize in outdoor research and to protect the beautiful forests and watersheds many call their home. I have lived in Williams since 2015 and found a passionate community of people who wish to do the same. I have volunteered and worked with many advocacy, non-profit, and government agencies all involved with land management. I am highly stimulated and proud to be a part of the never-ending and controversial discourse of land use practices.

Barry Martin

After university and world travel, I started a career in outdoor education working with several different organizations. The most rewarding achievement in that field was initiating an outdoor education program for juvenile delinquents in Texas. Later, I became involved with Texas Committee on Natural Resources, working with Ned Fritz. After moving to Oregon to help with the environmental movement, I spent several summers in Southwest Oregon and Northern California, organizing public opposition to clear-cutting in our National Forest. For five years, I helped staff the Eugene office of Friends of Cathedral Forest and Earth First! I now live in Williams, Oregon.

Zeke Oman

In 1968 and again in 1978, I enrolled at Humboldt State University in the forestry program. Somehow I ended up graduating in Business Administration and went to work for Price Waterhouse in their Sacramento, California office. And now, full circle after retirement, I have the privilege of serving on the board of a community forest project.

After obtaining my CPA certification, I left public accounting to manage Clos du Bois Wines in Healdsburg and then the Napa Valley Cooperative Winery in St. Helena. Then, intrigued by an opportunity to work internationally, I consulted for 5 years for the environment department of the the International Finance Corporation, a branch of the World Bank focused on private enterprise. There I was privileged to work on a biodiversity finance initiative with a mission to invest in businesses that inherently enhanced their local biodiversity and traveled extensively to potential project investment locations around the world. The last 10 years before retirement, I served as the finance manager for two different international non profit organizations in Geneva, Switzerland; the first worked on trade and sustainable development issues on behalf of developing countries; the second focused on nutrition in developing countries.

Following my now 2-year-old granddaughter to Ruch, I now find myself happily installed in Williams. Here I am enjoying the wonderful nature of southern Oregon hiking, biking, camping and kayaking around the area.