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Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire

As fire seasons grow longer, more destructive, and more deadly, it’s increasingly clear that our approach to reducing wildfire risk is failing. This film brings cutting-edge science and indigenous knowledge into focus. It forces all of us, from city dwellers to seasoned fire professionals to rural citizens, to question what we believe and offers a science-based way forward to live–and thrive–with fire.

On the evening of October 28th in Williams, at Williams Rural Fire Protection District Station 211 East Fork Road  We will do an educational outreach as part of our Firewise Defensible Space program. With our community partners Williams Community Forest Project. We will be screening the documentary,  “Elemental: Redefining our Relationship with Wildfire” 

Doors will be at 6:00 Seating at 6:30 for this 79 minute film. 

Popcorn will be available as well as other snacks. 

After the film we will go to the floor for Q & A from attendees. 

This facilitated conversation hopes to bring forth our concerns and to talk  what are best practices in mitigating wildfire risk in the Applegate and Williams Valley communities. We have extended invitations to forest & fire professionals to answer questions and talk about work that is being done and where we are going with our work.

In Peace & Solidarity

Allison Cleveland
Wildfire Prevention Community Coordinator
Williams Rural Fire Protection District