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The Fight Continues! Another successful protest to protect Late Mungers…. 

Another successful protest happened last week as we continue to raise awareness around the proposed logging of mature forests where the popular hiking trail Marble Gulch. This area is frequented by the local community and visitors to the Applegate Valley near Williams. These logging practices are in conflict with President Biden’s Executive Order to halt all logging of Mature and Old Growth.

Note: the coverage interviews Cheryl Bruner of Williams – not Carol Valentine of Selma. Channel 12 got that wrong.

Mature and Old Growth Forests – this is primary forest – late successional forest – they have take decades, if not centuries to grow. They store carbon and provides a critical habitat to endangered and at risk wildlife. These mature forests provide support to the communities by filtering water, providing critical habitat and hiking recreation opportunities. Logging mature and old growth forests only benefits a small few for a short time.

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