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Our Forests Need Us! Join us for Penn Butte and Late Munger’s Timber Sale Protest.

Join Williams Community Forest Project (WCFP) for a very important protest to let the BLM know that these two timber sales are to be cancelled. 


The loss of Mature and Old Growth timber, opening the canopy and heating the soil will decrease our water supply for irrigation for our farms, domestic wells, and habitat for wildlife. We are in a drought and the foreseeable future sees no change. 


The BLM is ignoring the efforts to conserve Mature and Old Growth Forests that are now officially protected under President Biden’s Executive Order effective as of Earth Day April 22nd, 2022. The executive order was given due to our elevated green house gasses leading to excessive weather conditions and wildfires. Our Mature & Old Growth trees are the most effective way to help climate changes.

WHEN and WHERE: February 27th at 11am – 1pm at the Medford BLM Office at 3040 Biddle Rd.

NOTE: If you need a ride or want a protest sign – Gather at the Williams Grange at 9:30 am.

The Penn Butte timber sale is planned for March 23rd. The Penn Butte timber to be sold on March 23rd is 6,595,000 board feet, (1319 log trucks) on 491 acres in Marble Gulch and Upper Powell Creek in the Williams Watershed, two of Williams most pristine areas for recreation and water supply.  

The Late Mungers timber sale is planned for July 27th. The Late Mungers timber sale is 312 acres and 2,500,000 board feet.

Penn Butte and Late Mungers forests are Late Successional Reserves that the BLM designated for endangered species . BLM now has decided without environmental assessment (NEPA) that these forests can be logged to improve forest conditions. The BLM’s plan to cut trees up to 36 inches in diameter and creating clear cuts to improve forest health is harmful and has to be stopped.

Please come to the protest, write letters to the editor and send BLM a message that you value our forests and they need to be conserved. Refer to WCFP’s web site at for more information.