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Layton Ditch Trail

Download the Program Flyer (PDF)

Hello Neighbors and (WCFP) Williams Community Forest Project supporters,

Our volunteer WCFP non-profit organization with community residents has been clearing poison oak and brush on Williams historical Layton Ditch Trail for the last 3 years. and there is more to do. The Layton Ditch Trail is a beautiful trail for the use of hiking, horseback, riding and bicycling.

WCFP has applied to AmeriCorp for the use of ” 9 Ameri-Corp trail builders, ages 18-24 this coming January 11th- March 16th

The WCFP has the opportunity to supervise these young adults in clearing the Layton Ditch Trail for public access. The cost to WCFP will be 1/2 the cost of housing.

We get 160 hours of labor from 9 young adults for the price of $1,000.00. What can you do for your community?

Write us a check, or Claudia Beausoleil is happy to pick up your cash donation and give you a receipt for a tax write off. If the grant fails, we will have your donation on file to return it to you, or you can donate your money to future WCFP projects.

Mail your check to: WCFP (Williams Community Forest Project) P.O. Box 36, Williams, OR. 97544. (or call Claudia, 846-6092  for a cash donation).

Thank you,
Claudia Beausoleil, WCFP – Board of Directors Advisor