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WCFP in the Oregonian

This morning an Op-Ed written by our Project Manager, Sarah Parker, was featured in the Oregonian and on their online editorial site, The Stump. The piece focused on the Oregon Forest Practices Act and its impact on small communities, using the W320 as an example of how the Act is failing citizens of Oregon. While our highest priority is securing the W320 property, we also recognize the need to change legislation in order to prevent damaging forestry practices on private land in Williams and throughout Oregon.

While logging on public land has decreased, timber yields on private land have remained steady. The 1971 Oregon Forest Practices Act regulates logging on private land. Today it is evident that this obsolete law is failing citizens of Oregon by allowing detrimental harvest practices that endanger public safety and damage the surrounding environment….Continue reading at The Stump.

We’d like to encourage you to join the discussion, comment on the story at The Stump, or write a letter to the editor (150 words or less) and send it to them by email. Remember to include your full address and phone number in the email. You can also send the editors a message by clicking here.