Demand that Josephine County Commissioners halt the timber sale of the Pipe Fork Area

Pipe Fork Creek is a main tributary to the Williams Creek and a vital water source for the residents of Williams. Josephine County owns a major part of this watershed and is planning a clearcut. Please help us save our water!

Three major salmon runs and a variety of other aquatic fauna and flora rely on this creek fortheir survival. It is the coldest tributary to Williams Creek which feeds the Applegate providing spawning habitat for one third of all coho on their way to the Rogue River.  Steelhead salmon use this habitat for spawning and rearing. Erosion from deforested areas carries fine silt and clay into the creek, destroying the pools where these fish lay their eggs.

An intact forest with a diversity of plants and fire resistant old growth trees decreases catastrophic wildfire, controls erosion, decreases flooding and retains moisture. The current trend towards warmer winters with less rain and snow resulting in lower water tables and drier creeks holds no assurance that Williams will  continue to have enough water.

This matters, Pipe Fork Creek is essential. Please sign this petition to help us save our forest, animals, and water.

Save Pipe Fork Petition Letter

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