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W320 Private Clear-cut

320 acres of private forestland, (S16,R5W,T39S). on a ridge between  the east fork and west fork Williams creek drainages, was harvested in 2012. Although we were unable to purchase the property before the timber was harvested we are concerned for its future welfare and want to prevent the subsequent probable herbicide use to mitigate competing vegetation of the trees they are required to plant.

<strong>The property is:</strong>

The headwaters of Goodwin Creek, Lone Creek and a year around spring that flows into Sugarloaf Gulch
A major corridor for animal migration and home to the rare Pacific Fisher
The hunting grounds of the Northern Spotted Owl
Source of numerous wild medicinal herbs and mushrooms
Home to the vulnerable Port-Orford-cedar and a diverse forest of conifers and deciduous trees
Used extensively by equestrians and hikers and wildcrafters