Our Story
The Williams Community Forest Project (WCFP) was created in the spring of 2007 to raise awareness and promote stewardship of the Williams valley forest lands located in Southern Oregon. We work to aid in the restoration and ecological maintenance of the forests within the Williams watershed, and explore recreational, educational, and economic opportunities provided by forests.

Where We Work
Williams, Oregon is a small community nestled in the ecologically diverse Siskiyou mountains and surrounded by 30,000 acres of forest lands. Once a logging and mining town, it now is the home to numerous family-owned and operated farms (many of which are certified Organic) growing vegetables, seeds and herbs for national and international markets.

Objectives Of the WCFP:

  • Assist in the purchase of forests for the Williams community that are to be ecologically managed for the benefit of the community
  • Provide educational venues to the Williams community on ecological forest management
  • Encourage development of woodland management plans that provide for ecologically sustainable forests in Oregon
  • Collaborate with forest restoration entities, government agencies and private land owners